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Window Tinting in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Elkhart & Beyond

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Welcome to Sun Control Center – your source for residential and commercial window tinting in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka, and the surrounding area. We’re proud to carry the range of high-quality tinted window films from 3M.

Our expertly installed window tints can be used in many ways, to solve many issues: By selectively blocking the sun’s rays, tinting glass can help to maintain comfortable temperatures year-round in your home or office. Our advanced films for windows can block over half of the heat and almost all infrared light. Your house will stay cooler in the warmer months, and you’ll save as much as 30% on your energy bills.

Once Sun Control Center tints your window glass, it can protect expensive furniture, carpets, and artwork from the fading effects of the sun’s UV rays. In fact, our advanced 3M tints block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays; they can also reduce uncomfortable glare on computer screens as well as big-screen TVs.

What’s more: Many of today’s advanced tints maintain the transparency and appearance of your home or office. The only thing you’ll notice – day or night, inside or out – is a beautiful window.

Today’s innovative window films can protect more than eyes or furnishings: Our security film strengthens windows, making them shatter-proof, and protecting you and your loved ones. In the event of an accident, you’ll have protection against shards of glass; if an intruder attempts to enter your home or office, the strengthened glass will help to keep him at bay, giving you more time to react.

Want to learn more about the films that Sun Control Center expertly applies to window glass? Click on the link below that reflects your particular need:

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Excellent climate control and UV protection in a range of tints

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HanitaTek SolarZone Window Tints

Budget-minded tinted films with good heat rejection and glare reduction

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3M Safety & Security TInts & Films

Strong and tear-resistant, with added benefits of climate control

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3M Night Vision Tints

Heat rejection, glare reduction and enhanced daytime privacy

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We’re a family business – owned and operated by the Meese family since 1976 – with a tradition of excellence in home window tinting that spans Northern Indiana, Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan. Whether you want to improve the energy efficiency, security, or comfort of your home, office, or storefront, Sun Control Center has the window tinting expertise to get the job done right.

Sun Control Center is a 3M authorized dealer and applicator – proud to install the best window films and tints in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka, and for miles around. We also offer great prices and friendly service. Call us today!



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